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Events & Activities

Three Days workshop on “Substation and Transmission line”

Three Days workshop on “Substation and Transmission line” was held on 4th , 5th & 6th Nov 2016 for 5th Sem students by Power systems training institute, Ministry of power, Govt. Of India, Bangalore.

Ayudha Pooja

Ayudha Pooja was celebrated on 8th October 2016, Present 3rd, 5th, 7th Sem Students

Industrial visit to Solar Power Plant, Kolar

Industrial visit to Solar Power Plant, Kolar was held on 21st October 2016, Present 3rd & 5th Sem Students

Two Days workshop on “ A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO ARM-7

Two Days workshop on “ A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO ARM-7 was held on 27th and 28th September 2016 for 5th Sem students by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bhagat, Jyothi Embedded Labs.

Teachers Day

Teachers Day was celebrated on 12th September 2016 with all department faculties.

Freshers Day

Freshers Day was celebrated on 12th September 2016 for 3rd Sem Students

Death Anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam

Death Anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam was celebrated on 27th July 2016 for Present 7th Sem students.

Alumni Meet

Alumni Meet was held on 18th June 2016 for all alumni.

Project Exhibition

Project Exhibition was held on 16th May 2016 for all 8th Sem Students.

Farewell for “Outgoing students”

Farewell for “Outgoing students” was celebrated on 6th May 2016, all Sem Students.

Sri Ramanavami Pooja

Sri Ramanavami Pooja was celebrated on 15th April 2016 for all Sem Students

Industrial Visit to Varahi Power Plant

Industrial Visit to Varahi Power Plant was held from 1st to 3rd April 2016 for all 8th Sem Students.

Two - Days Workshop on ``Practical Approach to 8051``

Two – Days Workshop on “Practical Approach to 8051” was held on 21st & 22nd March 2016 for 4th Sem students by Mr. Archith Kamath & Mr. Kiran Kumar, Akansha Powertonix.

Ethnic Day

Ethnic Day was celebrated on 19th March 2016 for all sem students.

One Day workshop on “Variable Frequency Drives”

One Day workshop on “Variable Frequency Drives” was held on 19th Feb 2016 for 6th Sem Students by Mr. Ajay Kannan, & Mr. Vignesh, Axis Global Automation group of companies.

Technical talk on ``Energy Efficiency in Electrical Systems``

A brief Technical talk on Energy efficiency was delivered by Mr. V Suresh Babu, Assistant Director, NPTI/PSTI (Ministry of Power, Govt. Of India) on 12th Feb 2015. The main objective of the talk was to aware the present students the necessity of Electric power and electrical System, Electric power supply system- the power generation, transmission & Distribution, Current State in India, Electricity billing, Electric load management, demand management, power factor improvement. At the end of the brief technical talk, students were able to know the present scenario of the entire power supply, transmission & distribution systems.

Industrial visit to ``BHOURUKHA HYDEL POWER PLANT``

Students of 4th & 6th Sem students had been to BHOURUKHA HYDEL POWER PLANT on 20-02-2015 with faculty members. Students were allowed to visit the power plant which generated electric power of 4500KV. They were allowed to see the turbines, electric machines and substation. They gained the practical knowledge about the entire power generation and distribution systems. After the visit students went to Talakadu and enjoyed with their friends in water and returned back safely.

Industrial visit to ``SHARAVATHI POWER PLANT``

Final year students were taken for industrial visit to Sharavathi Power Plant from 27th Feb to 1st march 2015. The power plant is capable of generating a high voltage power. Students gained knowledge about the process of generating electric power, the working of the turbines & electric machines. After the visit to the power plant, students did visit various tourist places and had a good and fun time with friends and faculty members.

2-Day Workshop on ``PLC & SCADA`` for 4th & 6th Sem

A 2-Day workshop was held on 11th & 12th march 2015. The main objective of this workshop is to make the aspiring engineers acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the Industrial Automation & latest technologies being used to achieve industrial automation. The idea of organizing this workshop is to inculcate the basic fundamentals of automation in the students and provide them with a platform to work on, in the near future.

Ethnic Day

CiTech conducted Ethnic Day on 28th March 2015. The entire college was colourful with students in their ethnic attire. In the department the Ethnic Day was conducted in collaboration with Sri Ramanavami festival celebration. The entire department involved in preparing prasada including Panaka, majigge, kosumbari & fruit salad. After the pooja, an entertainment program was arranged for the students & staff by students followed by pooja at college level and lunch. The program concluded at 1.30pm

Farewell for outgoing students

Farewell for the students of 8th Sem were given in collaboration with 4th & 6th Sem students were held on 9th May 2015. The event included various gaming activities. Students shared their views of the department & college. It was to the great surprise that Mr. Nana Jules sang a Kannada song and entertained the entire audience. The class photo was given as mementos for the students in remembrance of the college and department. A short movie of their college life was shown at the end of the party which was very emotional and unforgettable.

Project Exhibition of 8th Sem

The Project exhibition was held in the department on 23rd May 2015.A total of 7teams participated in the exhibition. Jury panel included Prof. Raviraj Antin (ECE), Prof. Hema A (HOD, Dept of EEE), Prof. B G Sujatha(EEE), Prof. Y V Aruna(EEE) & Prof.Beena S(EEE) Students projected various project among which the project title “Atomatic Conveyor with In-Process Sorting Mechanisms Using PLC and HMI System ”( Navaneeth kumar M.A, Mohammed Shoaib, Naveen Kumar M and Vishnu G) won the first prize for the exhibition.

Sl. No. Activity Details Date
1 Two day workshop on CAED For 6th sem students conducted by Prof. Nandan & Prof. Yogesh M 20-02-2014
2 Math Magic For 4th & 6th sem students conducted by prof. Hussain to improve analytical & logical thinking 25-03-2014
3 Career Counselling For 6th sem students conducted by Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Vista Mind 08-04-2014
4 Two day workshop on MATLAB & SIMULINK For 7th sem students conducted by CRANES VARSITY, Bangalore 26-08-2014
4 Technical Talk For 4th , 6th & 8th sem students speaker by          V SURESH BABU, Assistant Director, NPTI/PSTI(Ministry of Power, Govt. Of India) 12-02-2015
5 Two day workshop on PLC & SCADA For 4th & 6th sem students conducted by PROLIFIC Systems And Technologies Private Limited. N.S.D.C (Govt. Of India) Approved Training Company. 11-03-2015
6 Ethnic Day &                     Sri Ramanavami Pooja Department performed pooja along with prasadam prepared by the staff and students.Ethnic day activities were conducted by the students 28-03-2015