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Permanently Affiliated to VTU, KA
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an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Approved by AICTE
NBA Accredited

Basic Sciences- R & D Chemistry


Bharatha Rathna Prof. C N R Rao Centre for Research and Development of the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge Institute of Technology has been actively involved in various domains of interdisciplinary research areas of chemistry.

Doctoral Program

The Department of Chemistry is a R&D center approved in the year 2016 to pursue Doctoral degree programme approved by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi.

The research areas presently focused in the Department are

  • Organic synthesis
  • Natural products
  • Material science
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Nanotechnology

List of research guides

Dr. Hemakumar K H

Isolation, characterization bio of active principles from natural products/ medicinal plants, oils.

Synthesis, characterization and anti-cancer assay of synthetic heterocyclic molecules.

Material science- Thin film deposition studies

Dr. M C Somasekhara Reddy

Colloid and interface science and environmental science.

Environmental chemistry-Biodegradable, low-cost for the adsorption of dye substances


1. Dr. Hemakumar K H

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  • G. Gopala Krishna, K.H. Hemakumar, Sakina Khatoon: “Acidity of Oryzanol and Its Contribution to Free Fatty Acids Value in Vegetable Oils, Journal of American Oil Chemist’s Society, Vol. 83, no. J11198, 999-1005. (December 2006).
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  • B. Sadashivamurthy, Y. B. Basavaraju, A. D. Sathisha and K. H. Hemakumar: “New tetralone acid intermediates for the synthesis of β-apopicropodophyllin analogues,” Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume. 39, Number 4 (pp-264-268), 2007
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  • S. N. Sheshadri, P. Nagendra B. P. Siddaraju,  K. H. Hemakumar, K. Byrappa, N. K. Lokanath and S. Madan Kumar: Crystal structure of {[2-hydroxy-2-(3-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexyl]methyl}-dimethylammonium benzoate. Acta. E- Crystallographic Communications, Acta Cryst. (2015). E71, 0864–0865.
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2. M C Somasekhara Reddy

  • C.Somasekhara Reddy and V.Nirmala,Bengal Gram Seed Husk as an adsorbent for the removal of dyes   from aqueous solutions – Column studies, Arabian Journal of Chemistry [Special Issue: Environmental Chemistry] (In Press, 2014),In Press, 2014.
  • C.Somasekhara Reddy, Md.S.Maqsood Ahmed and C.Aswini, Adsorption of Congored dye from aqueous solution by Neem leave powder,Proceedings of International Conference on Integrated Water, Wastewater & Isotope Hydrology, from 25th July 2013 to 27th July 2013 at Bangalore University, Bangalore II,143-153,2013.
  • C.Somasekhara Reddy, L.Sivaramakrishna and A.Varada Reddy, Removal of direct dye from aqueous medium using a novel agricultural waste material : Jujuba seed., J ournal of Hazardous Materials,203-204,118-127,2012.
  • Jayachandra Reddy and M.C.Somasekhara Reddy, Ultrasonicated Synthesis of N-Benzyl-2,3-substituted Morpholines, via the Mitsunobu Diol Cyclisation, E-Journal of Chemistry, 7, 4,1184-1189,2010.
  • Jayachandra Reddy and M.C.Somasekhara Reddy, Synthesis of (2R, 3R, 4S)-N-Boc-2,4-Diarypyrrolidine-3-carboxamides, Asian Journal of Chemistry, 22, 7, 5165-5174, 2010.
  • C.Somasekhara Reddy, Removal of direct dye from aqueous solutions with an adsorbent made from tamarind fruit shell, an agricultural solid waste.,Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research,65, 443-446, 2006.
  • C.Somasekhara Reddy, New reagent for determination of trace levels of nitrite in environmental samples, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, 63, 172-176, 2004.
  • M.C.Somasekhara Reddy, Fluoride distribution in ground waters of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh.Indian J. Environmental Health ,40, 3,240-252, 1998.

Faculty pursuing Ph.D

Sl no Name Designation Research topic University name Guide name
1 Mrs. PADMAVATHY N Asst. Prof. Nanomaterials for Catalysis VTU,


Dr. B Narasimhamurthy,


2 Mrs. PREETHA S Asst. Prof. Metal oxide Nanostructures for Photovoltaic studies. VTU,


Dr. BNarasimhamurthy,


3 Mr.MAHADEVA SWAMY M Asst. Prof. Adsorption and kinetic studies by using activated biomass VTU,